Research students of Ozan Kahramanoğulları

Elene Righetti
Thesis project: Bacterial response mechanisms to changes in external phosphate levels.


Cansu Uluseker - PhD Thesis, defended on 15.10.2018, grade: cum laude (with honors)
Thesis: A systems and synthetic biology framework for regulatory systems
Now a researcher at the University of Stavanger.

Federico Reali - PhD Thesis, defended on 24.3.2017, grade: cum laude (with honors)
Thesis: Dynamical models for diabetes: insights into insulin resistance and type 1 diabetes
Now a researcher at The Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology.

Andrea Giachino - BSc Thesis, defended on 26.9.2016, grade: cum laude (with honors)
Thesis: Intrinsic Regulation of Actin Steady-State Revealed by Computational Model
Now a PhD student at the Newcastle University.